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Hello experts

I was wondering if its possible to create an iso image using folders and not a disc. I have a movie in video_ts and audio_ts. I need to know if i can use those files to write to a dvd video disc instead of a dvd data disc that can be played in a dvd player or if i can save them to an iso that will read as a DVD video.
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With Nero Vision you can burn a dvd that will play in a dvd player with those files.
Dr_DoddAuthor Commented:
Can you guys plz include more information in your posts?
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
Nero 6 has an "imagedrive" feature.  Once you've created your ISO image with something can mount that image onto a virtual dvd drive in your control panel.  Get nero 6 and activate the imagedrive feature.

Also, you'll find that movies may even run smoother, because your reading it straight from disk.  Even copying runs faster using this method.
Dr_DoddAuthor Commented:
I understand that i can make an iso from the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS using MagicISO but do i need to format it be played as a DVD Video?
Dr_DoddAuthor Commented:
Don't worry about the last question but answer this one: Is there a program i can use to burn a video dvd with the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders?
Yes and here is a tutorial on how to do it

With Nero Vision you simply open nero vision, choose make dvd video point it to the files in video_ts and audio_ts folders, choose burn, then it encodes the video (if nessecasry) then it burns the dvd. Note this will only work with non-copyrighted material. Found another way with nero express ( works with nero 7 platinum not sure what other versions), when you first open nero express choose videos/pictures then choose dvd files (video_ts and audio_ts), then clcik next and start the burn.
Dr_DoddAuthor Commented:
I don't have nero, please suggest a program that is free.
Dr_DoddAuthor Commented:
Plz suggest a program that allows u to rip a dvd to a single video file.
Because of this new question, i have raised the points by ten.
Windows 2003 Server Resource Kit Tools has a command line tool that you can use to burn ISO files onto CDs.

Here is a link to doanload rktools.exe

The command line tool is Cdburn.exe: ISO CD-ROM Burner Tool

Try it out. and its free.

I forgot to mention, The Windows 2003 resource tool also has another command line tool for burning ISOs on DVDs.

Dvdburn.exe: ISO DVD Burner Tool

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