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No video/ No boot ?

Machine:   Gateway EL500C, running XP, purch. 4+yrs.ago.   Home use. etc.

Seq. of events:  On start initial symptom was  boot screen, then whisking noise inside, then black monitor.   Folks told her new hard drive(noise).  Purch'd.  Had friend install.  He did not remove old, just added new...she went home, connected, and got no video, but no longer has whisking noise....but, had no idea she needed to "install" hd , drivers, OS, etc.
Telephoned Gateway telly help.  Runs thru what sounds like ordinary tech inspect tour.   Lots of "touching and reconnecting"  things, tho.  SO.   Telly tech decided "new video card".    Ok.   She ordered.
Arrival and install looked like they were on her - other friend bailed.   ( I hate to ask her if he may have hurt it, and didn't tell her?)  So......I told her bring it,  and found that even general  troubleshooting did nothing.    Did the step by step  part by part, and  still no action.   She researched w/Gateway that 3 lights had to be green on mobo -  not or'g., yell., etc.     They are Not.   It was tough enough to figure out codes to whose mfg. hd., and video cards for that serial # Gateway !!   And their sales prices via support tech  are  outrageous.
Where  next ?
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We gave up on the machine.  She sent it back to Gateway for their resolution.
Thank you for comments.