Getting "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use" error for on-board network card.


I have an ASUS Vintage-PH1 PC running Windows XP Pro.

Prior to this issue it had been running fine :-)

I had a PC crash which resulted in a blue screen and a "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" message.  Evey time I rebooted I got this message.

I thought I'd use one of my complimentary support calls with Microsoft to get this fixed.

They managed to fix this fault (by getting me to disable different devices in turn and reboot to see what was causing it).

But ever since this was fixed I cannot get my on-board network card to work.  Now I get the "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use." message in Device Manager.

This is something I've seen before and I understand that I just simply need to free-up some resources to resolve the problem, but unfortunatley this time this is not the case!

I stress that this system hadn't changed prior to this fault (i.e. I hadn't added any hardware for months prior to this and no software either, other than the automatic windows updates).  The only thing I can recall doing prior to the crash/fault is plugging in a external hard disk unity into one of the USB ports.

Ultimately Microsoft support tod me to reinstall the OS, something that I'm not willing to do!

I've tried the following:

 - Disabled things I'm not using in the BIOS (serial, parallel ports etc.)
 - Removed a video captur card I wasn't using
 - Tried going back "months" using a system restore point

All of these options failed and I still can't get this on-board network card to work.

Any ideas?

Cheers Ian
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did you run sfc /scannow from the run box?
idheathAuthor Commented:

No I hadn't, but I've just run it.

It took sometime to run and I didn't see it finish, but there we're no errors/messages when it finished, it just closed.  I assume that's good news?

On thought I had (after I ran it) was that I'm running SP2 and the DVD it prompted for (i.e. my XP Pro install disk) is pre-SP2 so how can it check files on my system against that DVD?

Anyway the network card is still showing the same message.

Cheers Ian
ok - you can test if it is hard or not by downloading a copy of the knoppix cd, and booting from it. if the NIC is fine then, you have no hard problems; if it still does not work, it is bad.
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Why not do a repair install of XP, leaves everything intact.
You would have to make sure the proper xp install cd has the same service pack level. But that can be made making  a slipstream XP cd.
Try a different pci slot
idheathAuthor Commented:
I tried the Knoppix CD and the network card is fine, so it's not a hardware fault :-)

I can't try a different PCI slot since it's an on-board interface.
idheathAuthor Commented:
I'm not keen to do a "repair install of XP" since it seems to be a "sledgehammer to crack a nut" and might screw up my PC more.
then i would disable the onboard card, and try another network card
The repair allows XP  to reinitialize and find all the hardware, and allocate resources anew. If you are haveing a problem with resources ,its most commanly XP's fault. And as you have tested the hardware with knoppix, XP is the problem. All you need is the Xp cd with the proper level of SP that is on the computer at present, and the product code for XP.

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