Custom Class

I am trying to create a custom class for a Uni assignment.

The class is inteded to hold a collection of points so it will draw a polyline ie a number of connected lines.


#pragma once
#include "afx.h"
#include "atltypes.h"

class CPolyline :
      public CObject

      void AddPoint(CPoint* pPt);
      CPtrArray m_points;//Collection of Point Objects
      int m_pointArrayIndex;
      CPoint* pSegmentStart;
      CPoint* pSegmentEnd;
      // Draws a complete polyline
      void DrawPolyLine(CDC* pDC);

#include "StdAfx.h"
#include "polyline.h"



void CPolyline::AddPoint(CPoint* pPt)

void CPolyline::DrawPolyLine(CDC* pDC)//redraws a polyline

            for (int i=0; i < m_points.GetCount(); i++)
*******            pSegmentStart = m_points.GetAt(i-1);        *******
*******        pSegmentEnd = m_points.GetAt(i);            *******

                  pDC->MoveTo(pSegmentStart->x, pSegmentStart->y);
                  pDC->LineTo(pSegmentEnd->x, pSegmentEnd->y);

The Lines above denoted by ***etc are giving me compile errors

error C2440: '=' : cannot convert from 'void *' to 'CPoint *'

I have used CPtrArray because it works but why can't  i use CObArray??

I am not very good at c++ programming and would appreciate some quick (and patient) responses

Regards Phill

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CPtrArray works with void* members. To read member of m_points, you need to case them to CPoint*.

pSegmentStart = (CPoint*)m_points.GetAt(i-1);        
pSegmentEnd = (CPoint*)m_points.GetAt(i);            

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Instead of using MFC containers, it is better to work with type-safe STL containers. For example, STL m_points can have type vector<CPoint*>.
CPoint class has only two members, and is easy to create on stack and copy. For such classes, like for simple types (int, char ...) it is better to keep objects and not pointers:
This prevents memory leaks.
In your current code, remember that if you keep pointers in container, you must release it when element is removed from container:

m_points.Add(new CPoint(0,0));
CPoint* pt = (CPoint*)m_points.GetAt(0);        
delete pt;
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