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Signatures in Outlook use Word as email editor

I currently use Outlook 2003 with word as my email editor.  I need to have word as the email editor.  I have multiple email accounts that each have a different signature.  When I choose the account i need to write the email with it does not input the signature.  How can I make this happen?
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Greetings, wrwiii12 !

In Outlook, go to Tools > Options > Mail Format > Signature.  By signature for new message, select "None". By signature for reply and forward, select "None".

Best wishes!
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I want the signatures to show up and they are not!

I misuderstood your question.  You want the signatures but they do not show up.  In the Signature area that I posted, make sure something other than "None" is selected. Select the name fo the signature that you want to use.

Since the signature requires Word as editor, make sure your format is set to use HTML format, not Plain Text or Rich Text.
Heres what I have:
Account 1 - No signature
Account 2 - Signature A
Account 3- Signature B
Composed in HTML and uses office word 2003 to edit email messages.
Include signature in new emails and replies.

When I create a new email it defaults to Account 1 which has no signature.  If I change the sending account to account 2 or 3 it does not include the signature.  If I do a reply to an email from account 2 or 3 then the signature pops up.  Maybe there is a way to specify a new email from a particular account.
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Ahhh what you said worked.  If I choose the account that didnt have a signature and then switched back to another it would not add it back.  very weird.  I wonder if that is a office bug?  So what I did was created a blank signature for that one account that didnt have one and now I can switch between all three and they change signatures each time.