Alternative control to MS Webbrowser?

I've had it up to *here* with the MS webbrowser control... I've tried every remedy listed on a million questions posted to EE about how to get rid of the error code 91 when I load some html into it, and I can't get it to work reliably regardless.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows of a third party html contron that has a decent reputation?  I urgently have to find something I can make work...
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Firefox ActiveX control - check this out,

I have not used it but I think I might just test this thing out soon, just for fun.

I looked through your question history but could not find any specific to the problem you stated above. I have used the Web Broswer control many times with no problem so I am suprised that you have had difficulty with it. If you want to relook at using that control describe your problem here... and what version of VB are you using?

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alanvranianAuthor Commented:
Thanks... I played with firefox just to use it and its pretty nice...  I may give it a shot in my app.

I didn't post my question about the web control because when I search on it *hundreds* of postings come up with the same question... how to get rid of error 91 (object variable not set) when you use it.  I've read dozens of the replies, and I've tried all of the approaches that are listed in them.  It seems that one approach or another solved the problem for most people, but they don't work for me and I didn't see much value in posting the same question over again just to get the same answers I'd already tried ad nauseum....
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Personally, I think that you should pursue the problems that you are getting with the control that you are using at the moment.

The most obvious reason for an error is that you are doing something wrong. In this case, you may have failed to create an object, or the object has been destroyed prior to the program's attempt to use it.

Another reason might be that the object/control/variable doesn't behave as you would intuitively expect it to do: e.g.

This will give an Overflow Error, because even though the result is within integer bounds, an intermediate result (1,000,000) is not.

Sub TestInteger()
    Dim i as integer
    i = (1000 * 1000)/1000
End Sub

Lastly, it could be a simple bug. Even then you would need to distinguish between an obect that has been properly created and accessible to the program immediately afterwards, and one that seems to be properly created, but is never accessible.
I have to agree with GrahamSkan. The Webbrowser control works well when I have used it in the past.

Post your code, VB version and the point of failure and perhaps we can help.
alanvranianAuthor Commented:
I'll post it as a separate question then...
alanvranianAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I posted the issue as a new question and split the points here for your contribution.  A bit more to Graham for taking the time to discuss thoughts in more depth...  but everyone's comments are appreciated.  I hope that someone spots what I'm doing wrong in my question and code ...
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