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dreamweaver needs to chill out ( keeps losing / setting focus on window )

This problem is filed under the really annoying category.

V: Dreamweaver mx 2004. Os: xp pro, all critical updates / sp's

Dreamweaver, when open, will start flashing like the window lost focus then got the focus again. It flips back and forth incessantly and I cant figure out what app might be causing this. I can only recover by shutting dw down and starting back up..

If needed, I can film a short video of the dw going crazy. It would be pretty easy to explain then.

Recently deleted the config folder in the Documents and Settins just for fun .. no change.

* BTW There is no spyware or virus on here, so dont even bother thinking that. I routinely deodorize this system and I fall into the xpert user category.

.. whats making dreamweaver freak out?
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