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Is there any software available which can be used as normal phone on the system with microphone and headset using modem rather to use the desktop traditional phone set. I am not talking about Internet phone, just a standard phone software which act as a normal phone. I used to use this type of software 3 years ago but forgot now ahhh!

May be someone remember now??
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Muhammad Ahmad ImranDatabase DeveloperAsked:
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Hi leoahmad,

you can try voipbuster
Muhammad Ahmad ImranDatabase DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Hi xRalf,

 I am not after a voip phone.I got one by the way. I just need a software which can act as a normal phone with my bt no. using modem. The software i mentioned earlier was capable of all the things doing making call,receiving calls(a pop-up windows came up when somebody rings and record conversations as well
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Sorry for the long link, use this:
Look at this to know what skype does..
Ahhhh...     I think this is what you want:

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Hope this helps.
jamhawks, leoahmad clearly said that voip is not what is being looked for:
'I am not after a voip phone.'
Muhammad Ahmad ImranDatabase DeveloperAuthor Commented:
hi all,

 I will check  the softwares tonight, i am in the office at the moment. But to explain it further,suppose I do not have a internet connection, but i do modem. OK now what i want to dial numbers from the computer rather than phone's pad and receive calls through the system. So look, there is no need to be having internet at all.

Hope it clears now
Okay, please post your feedback!
Thanks but why the bad grade?
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