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Macbook - After WinXP installation, mouse/keyboard doesn't work

Hi everyone! I installed WinXP SP2 onto my Macbook 1.83 Ghz without a hitch. I could boot into windows fine and use the keyboard and mouse BEFORE using the "Mac Driver CD" that the Boot Camp Assistant created. Does anyone know what I need to do differently?

I have tried a reinstall, but everything locks up at the exact same point: a window appears that says the drivers "do not pass Windows LOGO verification..." I don't think LOGO itself is the problem, but that is the prompt that appears when I can no longer use the keyboard or trackpad. There is the option to "Continue Anyway" or "STOP installation," but I cannot pick either because no human interfacing devices work.

I tried with a USB mouse plug in, but didn't work either.

Thanks for the help
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first time i tried to install windows xp on the macbook, it worked perfectely. But i changed my mind and "uninstall" bootcamp. Then changed my mind again and try reinstalling bootcamp then windows. And it is at this point that the drivers (the chipset one) crashes.

Maybe if I start to zero by reinstalling mac os x ?????? I just don't know what to do else (since it is the chipset driver that crashes and not the mouse/keyboard one)

Thanks a lot

You shouldn't need to reinstall Mac OSX - just Windows. In Bootcamp you can remove your Windows partition and recreate it, that really should be enough.

What did you do to 'uninstall' Bootcamp - you just reverted back to having no Windows install? That's really like a clean Windows install if you do that so the drivers will be reset.