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Removing an Exchange Server from ESM and going 'native'.

I have completed a migration from Exchange 5.5 to 2003.  I shut the 5.5 server down for 2 weeks to see if there were any outstanding issues.  None were reported.

I turned on the 5.5 server and followed the steps outlined in numerous posts/articles about removing an Exchange server.  It seemed to go well and I have no apparent issues with mail and there are no outstanding error messages in the event log.

However, the old server is still showing up in ESM.  If I right select the server name, All Tasks, I only get the option for Start Mailbox Management Process.  If I do this on the 2003 server I do get the option to delete the server.

Under Routing Groups, Site, I have listed an SMTP connector for the 2003 server, and Internet Mail SMTP connector for the 5.5 server, a MS Mail connector for the 5.5 server, a ccMail connector for the 5.5 server, under Tools, Site Replication Services I have a service called Microsoft Exchange Site Replication Service that references the 2003 server.

On another server I have ADC that only lists Config_CA referencing the site and the 2003 server.

If I use ADSI I can see the 5.5 server listed.

My question, of course, is how do I get rid of the 5.5 server so that I can go to native mode.  The option for native mode is currently grayed out as would be expected.

I have been hesitant to go about deleting items, particularly in ADSI, because of the potential for problems.

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I have reviewed KB328668, which seems very straighforward.  However, by doing this will I then be able to switch to native mode?
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By deleting the sever object using ADSI Edit you would be able to get rid of it. I dont see it having issues with you upgrading to native mode.
Check whether SRS is still present. You can check it under Tools in the ESM. Aslo uninstall ADC if it is not required. Don't use the Add/Remove programs option in the control panel to do it. Run the ADC setup to uninstall ADC.
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Under Tools, Site Replication Services I have a service called Microsoft Exchange Site Replication Service that references the 2003 server.
That means that the SRS is still present. You cannot convert to Native mode till the time you have SRS present.

Check the following article for reference
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I had already gone through and done all the items outlined in 272314 except delete the above referenced SRS.  So I can delete the SRS?  Also, should I go through with ADSI and delete references to the 5.5 server?
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Thanks for the help rakeshmiglani.