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SBS 2003, WorkGroup PC Profile after joining domain now named "__sbs_netsetup__"??

Well ... I am a little confused and hope someone can help. I must say, this site has been amazing so far and thanks so much to all those that lend a hand to dummies like me.  :-D

I have several workstations here (XP Pro) that were all workgroup members .. I added an account to SBS and went to the PC's and went to servername/connectcomputer. It would not let me import settings from the profile I was logged in with and so I did this: (looking back I can see where I could have at least TRIED something a little different) ..

I created 2 new users. One called Backup and one called Temp, both admins. I logged in with Backup to create a profile folder and logged back out. I logged in as Temp and copied the contents of the user's folder into the backup folder. I then ran the /connectcomputer and choose the "Backup" profile, which worked fine. Or so I though.

Now strange things have happened, one of which I think was a coincedence ... I went to unzip a zip file and it put the contents on the desktop of my original profile. I looked in the settings and that folder path was hard coded, thats why I guess - but I have to wonder if that is going to keep happening with other things? I wondered if I should delete all old profiles so nothing like that could happen again, thats when I discovered that the "Backup" profile seems to still be in use and there is this new folder called "__sbs_netsetup__".

So .. could anyone offer me any help to remedy this situation? In a perfect world I would like one profile folder (one being used) with the correct name (not backup : )

But I will take what I can get ... let me know if you can lend some advice.  : )

Thanks in advance!

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I dont understand ... what went wrong? Everything "seems" to be working (with the exception of my computer being DOG slow all of a sudden for some reason).

I really hope there is another or or that this is not necessary, I really dont want to have to go through all this if I can avoid it ..

Is there anything that I should look at that would be the deciding factor as to whether or not I should go through all these steps?

By the way, I copied the entire profile that I wanted to use overtop of a fresh one, and then choose that one when migrating ... Like I said, everything seems fine (as far as files, etc).

Let me know and I really appreciate it!

Copying it over a fresh one really isn't the right way to go... you should have used the profile copy function from the System Properties.  See this article:

But whether there is a deciding factor?  All of those steps will take you about 15 minutes max.  Troubleshooting your problems will haunt you for months or years to come.  Go back and do it the right way and you'll save yourself a ton of time lateron.

FYI, I should have mentioned in those steps to remove the leftover profiles on the workstation before rejoining it.  You should also do this in System Properties > Advanced > User Profiles

Ok, I am having major issues with one user today, the one I LEAST wanted to have trouble with ....

When I did her computer I did the same thing as I descibed before, I created the 2 profiles, copied the real profile over the Temp one and then tried to use that one for import .. somehow (and I dont remember exactly how) something happened where I ended up with a username.DOMAIN folder (something I dont have on any other computer) ... and when logging in, the files for the user were not there ... so I copied the contents of the Temp profile over the username.DOMAIN folder ... all SEEMED to work fine ... but today when she opened firefix a few things were different (although the saved tabs are there), Quickbooks will not open (says something about not having user permissions although that domain user DOES have admin rights on the PC), and other quirky things are happening ...

If I go to do what you suggested, how do I do it in such a way as to be better off than where I am now? I had deleted all the other profiles when I thought I had it right so all I have is whats in this username.DOMAIN folder (although I think there MAY still be one of the old copied profiles on there).

I just dont want to make it worse than I already have, which I tend to do ... please please let me know what I can do ...

POints increased.
Ok, I did what you said and then some, managed to get the machine back like it was before joining the domain (had to so some registry stuff to get the profile dir back like it should have been, had TWO directories at once there at the end) .. so now all seems normal and I just need to join domain ... problem is two things ..

1. You said to rename the computer and remove it from computers in SBS .. I did that and renamed it something else (on the computer) .. then I created a new computer in SBS with a different name (ChristinH instead of Christin) ... I am not real sure how SBS knows that ChristinH is Christin's computer though?? Can I still use Christin as the computer name?

2. When I try to run connectcomputer I get the "you may not be an admin or settings are wrong, etc" message. I got this same message on another computer in the office at some point but I cant remember what I did to fix it. I think I deleted the Small Business Server directory in program files but I have already done that, still will not work. I have checked the browser security settings, have rebooted 100 times .. created another new admin user and tried that ... all nothing, same thing.

I really REALLY hope you can help out here ... this is day 3 with this thing and we really need to get it going again so she can get to work ... Can you offer any advice?
Ok after talking to you on the phone I did the following  (thanks for talking with me by the way)

I reinstalled windows and logged in as admin … went to connectcomputer and it worked, sorta …

When all was said and done, I had Christin, Chrisin.Atlantech, and the sbs_netsetup folders …

"Christin" contains all the goods but is not being used apparently …

I unjoined the computer from the domain, deleted the computer from the server, added another one (let me add Christin again which is nice) and ran connectcomputer again … it went thorough the motions but still, didn’t copy the folder or contents. But now we have the sbs_netsetup folder AND a sbs_netsetup.christinh folder.

I am tempted to mess with the folders again … but I would like to hear from you first as I don’t want to end up right where I was to start with …

From what you were saying I shouldnt have these sbs_netsetup folders but I have that folder on my machine too and everything is fine ... AND I dont have a Craig.atlantech folder, I only have a Craig folder (which I assume is the way its supposed to be?) ...

Anyway, I appreciate any help you can offer

Thanks again! :-D

I repointed the registry setting to the correct folder and all was good to go after a few reboots ....

THEN (after talking to you again) I went to remove all the "unknown" profiles .... WEEEEELLLL ONE of the unknown profiles happened to be CHRISTIN!!!! DAMN! It wiped out all that I had worked for days to get working ...

So I restored from the files and settings wizard but that didnt get it all apparently .. so I copied what was left from an old folder ... It seemed fine but there are issues again (different ones this time) ....

So I am giving up .. I am going to build her another PC and start fresh .... screw it.

Here is my (hopefully final) question about this matter .... Once I build this new computer what steps should I take to make sure everything goes right? Here is what I would imagine is right ...

1. Get windows loaded, drivers done, windows update, etc - all as system admin.
2. Join the domain and dont even worry about linking a profile. ?
- How will that domain user be treated as a local admin so they can install software, etc?

3. Once done, install all siftware, etc.

Let me know if I am missing anything ... I hope that by 5pm today I am D O N E with this computer.  : )

Thanks for your continued help!

That sounds like a good idea... sorry you had to endure three days of getting to that point though...generally if I can't resolve a PC issue after two hours, I will reinstall, since that takes much less time.  

You still have the backup of her profile that you made with the Documents and Settings Transfer Wizard.

So, build the PC.  DON'T join it to the domain in the setup part  of installing Windows.  Just select that it's not part of a domain.
Again... please don't name it ANYTHING you have used before.  Pick an entirely NEW NAME.
Then, add the computer at the server using the Add Computer wizard.
Return to the PC and run http://<servername>/connectcomputer

Connectcomputer will prompt you to pick the user that is assigned to this workstation and will ask you what profile she had before.  Since there is no prior profile, you sleect "none" and let the wizard complete the setup.

Then... log in as Christin and allow it to build the local profile.  She will be made a member of the local administrators group by default.

After you've logged in as her and Outlook installs, open Outlook to establish the profile.  Then close it out.. Reboot the machine.

Log back in as Christin and run the Files and SEttings Transfer Wizard to restore from the backup you previously made.

Thanks for the reply ....!!

The only question I have is I want to install Office, should I let it install Outlook and then install office overtop?

I am NOT even thinking about using the transfer wizzard .. we are going one file at a time, I want NO more issues.  : )

I would definitely suggest installing Office before connecdting to the domain which will install Outlook.  You can install Office "without" Outlook, however, which I would suggest.  This way, Outlook will define it's source install location correctly.  

FYI, the reason I suggest to install Office beforehand is that if you don't, Outlook will install in a folder called "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Outlook" instead of "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office".

As far as the FSTW, it won't really change any permissions or anything like that... what it does is restore lots of settings and all data files that were there before.  What you CAN do is to restore it elsewhere if you have a spare computer somewhere.  OR just to be safe, you could install to a Virtual PC if you want to get back those things.   But that can be done later as well... so don't lose that USMT2.UNC file.  The items which it contains are listed here:

DAMN ... I seem to do things right before you tell me what not to do, and that is what I tend to do ...

Check this out, let me know ..

Oops... sorry... you're up later than I am though!  :-)

It's not too difficult to fix though... I'll post in the other Q.

Thanks so much for all your help!!  Things didnt work out like I had hoped but at least the wife gets a new workstation out of the deal ... now I need a box of doughnuts, some milk, and about 4 days of sleep.  : )