Backup Issues with Exchange Mailboxes

Hello All,

Can anyone tell me why Backup Exec (all versions) Sometimes fails on backing up certain emails in some users exchange mailboxes? It seems odd to me that it will fail on say one email in the inbox, or deleted items, or sent items with access denied.....I exempt the emails from backing up and I get a successful backup.....

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Heya Jay,

The problem here is brick level backups - don't do them.

They are useless in a disaster recovery solution and give you all kinds of errors about corrupted messages, like the above.

BLB isn't even supported by exchange - what version is it? 2003? if so, the RSG gives you 1 less reason to use BLB.

Hope that helps,


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Jejin JosephCloud Evangelist Commented:
Have noticed this with disabled backups when doing brick level backups.
Brick level backups can be very useful if all you want to do is restore a handful of emails. However from my experiences, Backup Exec doesn't do a very good job of managing these backups.

We've moved over to using CommVault, and so far it's working flawlessly.
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I don't use brick level backups, and never have a need to.

If I want to restore a few emails, that is what the dumpster is for - if they aren't there, that is what the recovery storage group is for.

Brick level backups are ONLY good if you NEVER get corrupted messages in your system, and never change your users (add or remove, generally, these require reconfiguration of the backup jobs)

But hey, I know people who dont back up at all - different strokes for different folks...
Jay_Jay70Author Commented:
Evening all, Thanks for your replies.

Forgive the Ignorance Red, but if i disable BLB, does it mean i cannot restore individual mail items? I am fairly new to the hands on backup with exchange, and have dived right into the heart of it lol!

Jay_Jay70Author Commented:
Oh and yep, its exchange 2003 on all sites :)
If you disable BLB you can still recover individual emails, but it's a more complicated procedure involving restoring the database to a Recovery Storage Group, accessing the required mailbox, and extracting the emails from there.

The way I run things is to use a 7 day retention on deleted items within Exchange, along with a full mailbox level backup every weekend, and nightly database backups.
No worries Jay,

95% of the time, you can use deleted item retention to get back mail items - exchange 200x

If I have the room, I set deleted item retention to 90 days or more

If it is 2003, you can use the recovery storage group for restores of items as well, which is quite handy - if it is 2000, then it is not so simple (the birth of BLB)

Here is a good guide about it, which is also an ad for some backup software ->

Bottom line, BLB is not an MS supported operation

I was a big BLB fanboy.  Sad, but true.

I have now seen the light - and no do not use them at all (also in a pure 2003 environment)

The RSG is simple (IMHO) and VERY effective at what it does - it is the primary reason I push all my clients to 2003

If you REALLY want some kind of brick level thing - I occasionally do this (on weekends, if I have space)

RSG only does mailboxes.
If you need to recover public folders then you have to use a recovery domain.

Otherwise RSG all the way, just make sure that you have enough space.

Jay_Jay70Author Commented:
Thanks heaps for that - lots of restructuring to do i think :)

Links are awesome Red, should be right to go and do some damage now..... Thanks dynamitedotorg and Simon as well....Have a funny feeling the exchange TA may be a new point of call with this new job :)

Good luck mate, let us know if you have any problems

>> .Have a funny feeling the exchange TA may be a new point of call with this new job

Good, we are in the same time zone :))

Jay_Jay70Author Commented:
Excellent....i think I am about a 15 Min drive from you :)
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