Pound Sign Problem

Hi Im using

Function GetPage(ByVal URL)
     Dim HttpRequest

     Set HttpRequest = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
     HttpRequest.Open "GET", URL, False
     GetPage = HttpRequest.responseText
End Function

if the file Im loading contains a pound sign "£"  then it appears in GetPage as "?"

But if I view it with a webbrowser component the "£" shows correctly

so what am I doing wrong?

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jkaiosIT DirectorCommented:
The version of Internet Explorer that you are currently using may not support that character.
use either £ or £ in that file

also make sure the font set you are using has the sign, some fonts miss out the extra set of letters for some reason
Hello Sir,

   Kindly check with &#156 for pound symbol

with regards,
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NessieBAuthor Commented:

Using HttpRequest as before

The file I download has "?" instead of "£"

so I replace the character once downloaded

Myfile= Replace(MyFile,  "?", "&#163")

then upload the file again.

when I downlaod once more I see "&#163"  not "£"
NessieBAuthor Commented:
By the way the file I am downloading is a text .txt file.
ahh text file, the symbol code is only html, btw what you displaying the text onto? some controls cannot display those symbols.

another thing to try, save the text file in unicode, to do that coose unicode in character encoding when u save with notepad
NessieBAuthor Commented:
the question is why does the webbrowser do it correctly but the HTTP does not?
the HTTP Control should do it correctly, the question is does the container you are displaying it with support the signs you are trying to use

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NessieBAuthor Commented:
ok I think I understand.

The text file is parsed for various data, one of which it is looking for the "£" symbol.

Once done the edited data is put into a text box.

 Dim HttpRequest

     Set HttpRequest = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
     HttpRequest.Open "GET", URL, False
     GetPage = HttpRequest.responseText

tmp = GetPage

tmp = Replace(tmp, Chr$(10), vbCrLf)
tmp = Replace(tmp, Chr$(34), "")
tmp = Replace(tmp, Chr$(39), "")
tmp = Replace(tmp, "@", "")

if instr(1,tmp,"£")>0 then
do some stuff with the file.

Text1.text = tmp
NessieBAuthor Commented:
can't any body help?
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