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I have a video card with VGA DVI and s-video ports. Two of my monitors are hooked up to the VGA and DVI ports. Now the question is,  I have one of those computer and monitor all-in-one machines laying around. The monitor is attached to the computer. I just want to use this machine as a third monitor using my s-video port on my primary machine, but it is not working.
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I think the svideo port on your All-in-One pc/monitor will be an output (like on your primary machine) not an input.

If thats the case you're connecting your primary pc output to another output, which wont work.

The All-in-One's monitor input will be inside the case and probably permanently fixed.
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The all in one has an input and output. Im putting it into the input.
I'd guess there is some sort of hardwar or software switch or a program that will toggle between the All in one's base unit and a 3rd party.
fina27 -> Did you understand what I told you?  ... you CANNOT use 3 displays at once with your video card.   You can use any two of the three outputs.   But if you try MaxVista you'll easily be able to use your old all-in-one as a 3rd display, as long as you connect it via an ethernet cable to your other computer.
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haha yes i understand what you told me. I was just answering the other guy. Thanks for the help.