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trouble creating trust relationship between win2k3 domain and nt 4 domain


1 business, two locations, two different domain names for each domain

Upgraded melb domain to Windows 2003 + AD/DHCP/DNS etc
Brisbane domain still running a PDC with NT 4.0 Server, the server does not have DNS installed, and instead points to the melbourne DNS server
* Should be noted; the two locations are also on different subnets, melb = 192.168.30.* and bris = 192.168.40.*

Prior to the melb upgrade, the trust relationship worked fine, post upgrade, I cannot re-establish a trust relationship between the two domains.
I run nslookup and ping tests between the domain controllers and everything comes back perfect, instant response etc.

However, whenever I go to create the trust on my Win23k DC, it cannot find the netbios name of the brisbane PDC and hence I cannot create a trust of any type.

Any suggestions welcome.

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This article may help.

How to establish trusts with a Windows NT-based domain in Windows Server 2003
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Hi, I get all that, its the fact that when I choose to create a trust and type in netbios name of my Queensland Domin Name, it cannot find/see the Domain Name, even though I can nslookup/ping the server with no issues.
On that note, I can ping my melb domain name from my Brisbane NT 4 pdc but I cannot ping my Queensland Domain Name from my Melb win2k3 pdc
Ok. Are you un-able tp ping the Qld domain due to name resolution problems?
Thanks for the feedback guys, problem has been solved.

I used combination of WINS and LMHOSTS file to get trust operational.

For future reference to anyone reading this be sure to:
1. Setup WINS on each PDC and Enable lmhosts/netbios in TCP/IP protocol
2. Setup your lmhosts file on each PDC and then all was good
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