Snap Server will not Join My Server 2003 Domain


 I have a small network set up using windows server 2003 enterprise addition on a server and a snap server 510.

On Server 2003 it is a domain controller with active directory and all nessasary componets needed for it to be a domain controller.

what i am trying to do is have the snap server join my Server 2003 Active directory and it keeps telling me that it can not join the domain when i put all the correct information in. now here is the kicker, when i enter a wrong password it tells me that i entered a wrong username/password. so that is telling me that it may very well be talking to the server but the server will not let it join the domain.

bot the server and the snap server are on the same switch and  as far as server 2003 i just ran the wizard to turn it into a domain controller. i can ping the server from work stations that i have already joined to the domain so the server is on the network but the snap server wil not join the domain!!! :(

Any help would be awesome because i am ready to throw this snap server out the window!!!!!!!! :) haha.....

p.s. i have been at this all weekend. i need to have this thing working before the company opens for normal business hours tomorrow. i can not call tech support because they are only there 9-5 m-f.... and of course i can work on this when the company is open. :(
.....adaptech documentaion and knowledge base are crap! :(

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Get rid of the snap server.  They are wastes of money.  I had one and I upgraded to a 2003 domain - Quantum (before the Snap products were bought by Adaptec, they were owned by Quantum) told me "oh, you need a firmware upgrade - it's $200"  I laughed at them on the phone and bough two 160 GB drives instead and put them in the server.  Now I had 10x the storage for the same price as the upgrade - two years ago.

Maybe that's NOT your problem... maybe your snap server is AD aware... but you didn't say what revision of the SNAP OS your using....
cotapaxiAuthor Commented:
GuardianOS v4.1.106

cotapaxiAuthor Commented:
ha! if they even tell me i need to pay for an upgrade i will be really pissed because i paid alot of money for this hardware!!!!!!!!!!  :)
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cotapaxiAuthor Commented:
This problem has been resolved. :)
cotapaxiAuthor Commented:
Had to Creat a Security group for the snap server and then create a user account in active directory and make it a part of the security group. once that was done we logged into the snap server and used the created user account and password. the group was added to the admin group. hope this helps someone in the future. i was ready to pull out my hair! :)

have a good one!
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