Fix super string length

Hi experts,

Would you show me how to display the string"any character"  to the next line whenver the line reach is reaching maximum size on the monitor?

Please don't do javascript


The below is just the hmtl script that will make the screen display very ugly.
If I want to to see the message I have to pull the bar back and forth which is not so convenience.

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is that really the case? if there are enough spaces or breaks in your text it will break and fit in the browser width
Here's one way to break it up VISUALLY without breaking it up physically: just insert <wbr> tags wherever. Select, copy, paste then will still get you the unbroken text, but the <wbr> allows it to have a visual line break
Why you don't make use of <table> tags
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what you sure <wbr> or <br>

if you mean <br> then I will not take this answer.

The reason is I have no control what user input on the form.
<wbr> not <br>
<br> breaks unconditionally & selected text also gets a <br>
<wbr> breaks conditionally (only if text overflows), but leaves no break at the <wbr> when the text is selected
The correct way would be to insert <wbr> or <br> tags with a server-side language, such as php.
Alternatively, you may use javascript.
You don't want javascript, so all that's left is to present the text INSIDE a textarea or an iframe, e.g.

<textarea cols="100" rows="5" style="border:0px">

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E.g. experts-exchange server used jsp (=server side) to convert the source code of the message I've just posted to
<br />ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>ssssssssss<wbr/>
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