PNG images as transparent div backgrounds (cross-browser)

I have several different png images I use as div backgrounds for a transparent effect. Works great in IE and Firefox, but Safari seems to be selective in which backgrounds work. I've found quite a bit of documentation about png images on EE, but I am not sure if I actually came across the answer. I did learn, however, that there may be other factors (which I am not familiar with such as 8-bit vs 24-bit, color modes, and channels, when it comes to PNGs) that could be affecting the display through Safari.

It appears that I just lucked out with the properties of one of the background png images that DOES work in Safari. I've applied this particular image as a background in other areas where the other pngs did not show up, and alas it DID show up in those areas too.

Can somebody tell me how to create a 'reliable' PNG for viewing as a background in Safari? I can't tell what I did right with that one; I've looked at the properties of all of my pngs, and I can't tell how they are different from the one that works. I am using Photoshop 6.

Thanks in advance. At least [I think] I know what the problem is that needs solving :)

500pts for urgency sake. Thanks again.
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That should give you a fair idea (with examples you can test out) of what you're up against. PNG support is lousy if you want to adhere to standards, but that's the way of the web, isnt it...
some more info:

excerpt: Of the various PNG-supporting browsers, Safari on Mac OS X prior to 10.4 is the most prominent problem: It applies a gamma change to unlabeled PNGs. This means that even unlabeled PNGs are no good those who want consistent colors between images and CSS in Safari on Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.2.

The gamma information and other fancier color space information can be removed using pngcrush: pngcrush -rem gAMA -rem cHRM -rem iCCP -rem sRGB infile.png outfile.png

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OneiroidAuthor Commented:
Ok, great. I will check out those references and get back...
OneiroidAuthor Commented:
OilWarner: That is a pretty nifty reference.

VirusMinus: Great information. That helps a lot and puts my issue into perspective.

Thanks guys!
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