How the Heck to you unlock a layer in Photoshop?

I know this has to be easy, but I'm trying to edit this psd image and the layer I'm trying to mess with wont let me do anything because it has that lock icon on it.  I can't find how to unlock it.
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I'm assuming this is background layer?
Most photos open with the background locked. To unlock it, you need to convert the background to a layer. You can do this by double-clicking on the background layer in the layers palette, or by going to the menu: Layer > New > Layer from Background.
If you don't mean the background layer (which I always duplicate, and leave the original untouched as a personal work habit).

In the CS2 version, in the Layers window, the second row down you have the Lock icon. I can toggle it on an off no problem using the Lock icon.

Do either of our suggestions help?

fernbuckAuthor Commented:
No.  I am using PS7 and everything seems to be locked up.  This started off as a bmp image that I saved as a psd file in photoshop and reopened.  When I right click on the layer to duplicate it, it duplicates with the same locked format as the original.   I see the little lock icon on the top of the layers palette, the only thing it will let me do is toggle back and forth from a gray colored lock to a black lock.  It will not get rid of it.
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fernbuckAuthor Commented:
I ultimately want to have it as a gif imageI just saved it as a jpg and I was able to duplicate it, but saving it as a gif I am not able to.  The file is at -
I think its because you are in Indexed Color Mode. Try converting it to RGB, and you should be able to duplicate the layer without it the duplicate being locked.


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fernbuckAuthor Commented:
That did it BongSoo, Thanks!
No problem, glad I could help.

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