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Reporting Services: Groups - keep together -> can't find it

Hello there.

I've got a little problem.

I'm deploying reports in RS. I also have to rebuild old CrystalReports-Rreports in RS. 90 % of them are using a "keep together" function.

I've read a lot in forums that there must be similar function in RS. I also found descriptions where this property should be, but there isn't.

For report-developing I used (RS2000 with VB.NET2003) and (RS2005 with VB.NET2005). Neither of them have this property for table/report.

Do I have to install a ServicePack?
Any other ideas?

Thanks, Tobi
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What are you trying to 'keep together'?  Tables? Sub reports?

There is a KeepTogether property on the table properties which will try and keep it on one page if possible, though it will depend on the amount of data being returned!
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@simon_kirk: i want a "keep together"-property for a group in a table, not for the whole table. But I even have no Keep Together for the whole table like you told. Problem is i have in this group about four datarows and they should stay together. If I put a page brake after each group the report gets to long and there will be a lot of space on the page.

@dnsvh: in CR you can keep group areas together. I want to solve this in an RS table. I didn't work with ListView, tried it now for a short test... interesting. Tomorrow I'll try some more and tell you if its that what i wanted.

Thanks everybody

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Hello again.

Now I tried a lot with the List-Control, but I'm not really positive to that. First output I did was really good, but depending on the data the page break isn't right. I put two textboxes in List and one of them gets data with a lot "NewLines", so the textbox.value has a lot of lines. If this textbox gets to big, it is printed on the next site. the other textbox stays on the site before.

In the properties-panel I see the keep together property. But it doesn't work correctly.
Is there a SP to solve that? Or another (free) control which handels that right?

Thanks, Tobi
Sorry, but I don't think anything here answered this question.  I found the following answer, which actually worked in my situation.
Hi. I found a workaround to this problem which may help you. As far as I can
tell, the table "keep together" property only applies to individual detail
rows i.e. if you have multiple detail lines, they can still span pages.

If you can use a single detail row with multiple lines, the keep together
will work on those lines.

To create a detail row with multile lines, you can use the
"environment.newline()" function in expressions within the detail row. (This
function does not appear to be documented in an obvious location).

e.g. an expression like  . . .

=Fields!line_1.value & environment.newline() & Fields!line_2.value

will result in two lines, but using a single detail row.

Hope this helps. It won't help with keeping your whole table on one page.
Reporting Services seems to be deficient in this area.