Debugging ascx pages


I am working with the dnn gallery which consists of a number of ascx pages and vb code behind pages.  I want to debug the gallery as a standalone application without first uploading to dotnetnuke as doing this removes the code behind files.  How would I do this?  Would I set up a button in an aspx page and call the gallery methods in the button click event?  Not quite sure how to do this.  

Hope someone can help.

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Yes I would make a test aspx page on your local machine and implement your custom control on that, in order to test.

mitesh114Author Commented:
so do I just add an aspx page to the solution?

Add the aspx page.

you need the line right at the top of the page to register your custom tag and implement it. like so:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="ARDesigns" TagName="ICaptcha" Src="CAPTCHA.ascx" %>

then use your tag, here is an example of a web control I made:

<ARDesigns:ICaptcha ID="Secure1" runat="server" />
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or you could load it in the backend and put a placeholder on the page

Control ct = LoadControl("Modules/ModuleAdmin/ModuleAdmin.ascx");

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whityum,  nice

I will now use that myself in some projects, very useful indeed

Andrew :-)
mitesh114Author Commented:
What do you mean load it in the backend?
whityum  means, you add a place holder to your page and simply create a control using the LoadControl method which you supply your address to your web control.  This is rendered as a control and added to your place holder. I assume avoiding the need to register the custom tag.  Very handy indeed.

Again good code whityum
the "code behind" page is what I meant, or on a server side script tag.
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