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C-Dilla Licence Management System


Iv just looked at my "Add and Remove Programs" and saw that "C-Dilla Licence Management System" was installed, I did not agree to this installation and after a few Google searches its seems to be similar to the Sony software that causes all the problems early this year.

The odd thing is I cannot find what software it was motoring and all Google seems to point tot is games that use it, I don't play games on my pc so im not sure where it game from ..

My questions :

Iv now uninstalled it but has anyone got any more information about "C-Dilla Licence Management System" ?

It stated it was motoring "bd734000" how can I find out what installed this originally and what "bd734000" is ??

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Thanks I had seen this url but not seen the Demoshield part (maybe it has been updated)

Demoshield sounds familiar im quite sure the latest Belkin WI-FI stuff uses it ??

My main worry was it would stop my CD-Rom from working or something like that where it fact it only seems to monitor the software its protecting ... is that right ??

Very Sneaky though not confriming with the user before installing though .... :O(
The dates on the files may give you a clue about when it got installed. I helped a couple of people remove it last year and they did not report any ill effects, but I can't be 100% sure that won't have any side effects. The programs most likely to be affected are music sharing/playing programs, though the chance is small, and I agree with you I would not want software on my machine that installs without permission either.

Good luck.
Thanks. Hope you were able to uninstall it without any resulting problems.