crystal report printing from 2 trays


I need an immediate help on stuck up

I have a sales report and i need to print it from two different printer trays..i.e one tray is having "blue" paper
and the other one "pink". what excatly i need is i want my first page to print in the "Blue" paper and the rest
of the pagrs in "pink" paper..

Any help will be appriciated..
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What version of Crystal are you using ?


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assystAuthor Commented:
Am using Crystal Reports 10..

Can you please post me the code for doing so...
Its very urgent

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assystAuthor Commented:
am using delphi as the front end...
Hi assyst,

You cannot accomplish what you are trying to do with Crystal.  Of course the user could always select print and print only the 1st page using one tray, and then click print again and select the other tray for pages 2+ -- but I'm assuming you want an automated approach and Crystal simply doesn't have that functionality.

The links that Spykair posted talk about printing to a specific printer tray, but that still won't allow you to print to two different trays for the same report.  The only solution I've heard of that works is to write an application that exports the report to some other format (PDF for example) and then have your application select a paper tray, print page 1, select a different paper tray, and print other pages.  I've never actually seen this work but have been told that it can.


Ido MilletProfessor of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet SoftwareCommented:
See list of 3rd-party tools at: 

My Visual CUT software can automate the process of exporting the Crystal report to a pdf file and printing the resulting file through different printer trays based on a command line that specifies page ranges, printer, and printer trays:  "PDF_PRINT_SPLIT:Test.pdf>1::\\s1\HP::Top||2to99::\\s1\HP::Bottom"
Alternatively, it can do this based on formulas you place in the report itself that act as printer tray tags: "PDF_PRINT_SPLIT_TAG:c:\temp\Test.pdf>\\s1\HP"

- Ido

Mike McCrackenSenior ConsultantCommented:
To expand on spykair's and frodoman's idea, you could write and application that prints page 1 from tray 1 then resets the report and prints pages 2-end to tray 2.  This assumes you know where int he report you need to change trays.

As frodoman pointwed out it cannot be done directly from Crystal.

                crRpt.PrintOut False, intCopies, , intStartPage, intStopPage

Page 1
                crRpt.PrintOut False, , , 1, 1

Pages 2-
                crRpt.PrintOut False, , , 2, LastPage if known
if you don't know the last page try
                crRpt.PrintOut False, , , 2
                crRpt.PrintOut False, , , 2, 25

Glad I could help.

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