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How to setup "Write Only" permissions in a folder in Windows 2003

Hi there,

Our infrastructure is a simple Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP SP2 environment.

I am setting up a secure network and have the need for the following permissions:

1. I want the ability for users, who have data on their workstations, to be able to upload data from the workstation to a folder assigned to them on the server; however
2. In this folder, I want the user to be able to only write to it (ie upload their data from their workstation to the folder), but not able to read or view the files that are currently in it.

I am thinking that I should be able to do this via Windows 2003 file and folder permissions, but when I alter the permissions to "Write", and remove "Read" and "List", I am unable to copy data to the folder as it tells me that access it denied.  I am thinking too that another way I could achieve this is via a script that only has access to the folder (ie, it is run with special permissions) that as it content copies the data to the folder for me.  This would mean that the user would never have to "open" or "view" the folder.

Am I asking too much of Windows 2003 folder permissions?

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