How do I write a simple invoice database in MS Access 2003?

In a form, How do I return an Address (on the same form), from a Name picked from a combo box (again on the same form). It's a small invoice database that I wrote for my small business. I made a customer table with names, address, phone number, etc. I have the invoice form, using a combo box, enabling me to pick the name from the Customer table, that is working fine. I can not figure out any way to return the rest of the Address etc. information from that name selection.
Using a List box, I can return all the Addresses, but I need to select just the one record that matches the name that I select from the combo box.
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Does your invoice form's recordset include the Address info? Probably not (assuming you're storing the CustomerID with the Invoice in your Invoice table), in which case you can do this several ways:

1) Use a recordset. In the AfterUpdate event of your combo:

Dim rst AS New ADODB.Recordset
rst.Open "SELECT * FROM YourCustomerTable WHERE CustomerIDField=" & Me.YourCombo

If not (rst.EOF and rst.BOF) Then
  Me.SomeTextbox = rst("strAddress")
End If

2) Include the address info in the combo. To do this, just add columns to the .RowSource of your combo:

SELECT strName, strAddress, strCity, strState FROM SomeTable

NOw set your combo's .ColumnCount and .ColumnWidths appropriately. To "hide" a column, set the width = 0:

.ColumnCount = 5
.ColumnWidt = 1;0;0;0;0

This would show only the name.

Now in the AFterupdate event, you can refer to the .Columns of your combo:

Sub YourCombo_AfterUpdate
  Me.SomeTextbox = Me.YourCombo.Column(1)
End Sub

NOte that columns are zero based, so the first column is 0, second is 1, etc

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