Cannot see computers in My network places after SP1 upgrade

I have three servers in a single domain all running Windows Server 2003. I have just applied Service Pack 1 to one of the domain controllers. No problems with the install, but now when I go to My Network places, Entire network, Microsoft Windows Network, there is only one computer shown, the server I am logged on to! Where are the others hiding?
Everything is working OK,  -the exisiting shortcuts to folders on the other servers still work, ie I can see folders and files on the other servers, but I cannot setup a new backup as Backup Exec can't see the other servers either.
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
My Network Places Empty

On the properties of the network card > TCP/IP > Advanced > WINS > enable NETBIOS over TCP
Ensure that any local firewall is disabled.

Are the clients set up for a WINS Server? (Look in the DHCP options) ensure the "Node Type" is set to "0x8" H Node.

Run Browstat.exe (support tools) to see what the offending machine THINK is the master browser - Move the Master browser role to that Server

Start > Run > Services.msc > Make sure Network COnnections Service is running
Start > Run > Services.msc > Make sure Computer Browser Service is running

Start > Run CMD {enter}
  regsvr32 netshell.dll {Enter}
  regsvr32 netcfgx.dll {Enter}
  regsvr32 netman.dll {Enter}

Try Using the Browcon.exe tool (MS KB 818902);en-us;818902
Run through (MS KB 188305);en-us;188305
alanterrillAuthor Commented:
Thanks - Network card -netbios over TCp is enabled. There is no local firewall
WINS is not in use (all XP clients)
Browstat -I can't get this to work -clciking on it does nothing, running it in a command session gives 'Browstat is not recognised as an internal or external command'
Network Connections service is running, as is computer browser service
regsvr32 -got succeeded message each time
Browcon.exe  -downloaded this tool and installed. I've run through this, but I don't understand the result - it says PDC/domain master browers -server1 (this is the domain controller, so this is right)
It then says 'Warning -the PDC identified in the Network Profile in this console appears to be different to the domain master browser curently found on the network'
'There are currently two subnet master browsers on the network for the specified domainChecking browse list for missing system called server2
server2 was found in the browse list'
It says the same if I get it to check server3.
So -I can browse to all three servers from a PC or from server2 or server3. However, from server1 I can't browse to anything and yet it's saying they are in the browse list, so why can't I see them. And hoe do I check the PDC is set correctly -I can't see why that should have changed.
alanterrillAuthor Commented:
I've sorted it - I stopped the Computer Browser service on the server and all the computers suddenly appeared in Network places again. So I restarted the service and the list remained as it should. I've no idea why this should be so, but it's fixed.
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