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Multi Site SMTP Connector

I have 3 Exchange 6.0 servers connected and a SMTP connector with a smarthost configured (Barracuda server).

Internal accounts are NAME@DOMAIN.LOCAL with smtp adress configured as (these are pop accounts configured on an independant pop server)

people are sending internal emails using their public email adress and should go through the SmartHost

if we do :
Server A -> Server A => OK but emails doesn't go through the SmartHost
Server A -> => OK
Server A -> Server B => stuck in queue + timeout expired on the SmartHost

I don't understand why not all emails are going through the SmartHost.

Is it possible to avoid the SmartHost for internal SMTP sends that use the public email adress ?

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Stacy Spear
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Do you have the SMTP connector with the address space configured to Do you have the smart host configured in the virtual servers as well on each exchange server? That should ensure that all mail goes to the smart host. Exchange sees those messages as being internal so it doesn't send them to the smarthost by default.
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I already tried that configuration without success.

We find out that DNS configuration was broken and DC wasn't able to see other servers. Now it seems to works fine, but we're wondering what happened to DNS configuration (seems to have reversed to a very old configuration)...

Thank you for helping
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