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Corrupt Hard Disk Partition


I have two Western Digital WD2500KS (250GB) in my computer. Drive 1 for Windows XP, Drive 2 for Files

Drive 2 says: "The file or directory is corrupt and unreadable" when trying to open on Windows.

I backed up about 50% of my data, but after rebooting, the drive became unreadable and I received the above message.

I've used GetDataBack and Easy Recovery Pro. The latter says there are no physical problems with the drive (i.e. hardware or bad sectors). I tried recovering data with them. They scan some sectors very quickly, but others are very slow and cause the hard disk to stall (full activity, even after closing the program). A couple of times the computer has frozen.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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David Wall
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First check the disk for hardware failures manufacturers utilities below

Samsung Http://
Western Digital

If all seems ok you may wish to try booting from a knoppix boot disk to try and recover the data http:\\

This will mean you may be able to get at the files without using windows.

It will also hlp confirm the state of the disk independant of Windows.

Once the data is secure reformat the disk  and start again.


Another thought is to get a clone of the disk using something like Ghost or Acronis ( which you have to pay for) this would be another way of backing up the files .
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I'd already tried Knoppix before and it couldn't get to the drive.

I did a quick test using Western Digital Diagnostics. The first part of the quick test is a cable test. This failed. Suggestion "check the cables".

I've checked the cables. There seems to be no problem here. I will try with another cable now.
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I've tried another cable and now GetDataBack can scan the drive really well! In the log many bmp and avi files come up.

When i go to the next step, however, it says select a file system to recover from, and there aren't any listed. Could this be a file system problem?
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OK it seems the file system is damaged, but my files are still there. The only thing that shows me hope is GetDataBack, which shows some of my file exensions in the log (avi, bmp jpg etc.)

It won't let you recover files that aren't part of a file system. What other options do I have?
I would suggest trying a data recovery company who may be able to help. Google for suggestions.

If you are in the Uk ontrack have a fair reputation.
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I did the GetDataBack full recovery scan, which took 7 hours. I've since been able to back up my data. Once I've done so, I want to determine if the cable was the problem. If so, I will give WallD the points, as it was him who suggested the Western Digital software test.

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