Duplicate Email Messages

Box 1
Windows Server 2003 (has not been updated to SP1 for application reasons)
Exchange 2003 with SP1
Box 2
Windows XP (fully patched)
DynaComm Email Filtering PC

We have users that are receiving emails from Ebay.  The same messages are being duplicated.

Some of the steps I have taken are listed below:
All machines have been rebooted.
All messages in the incoming queue have been deleted from the filtering PC.
Logging has been turned on for Exchange and the filtering PC.
We have increased the session timeouts for both machines and rebooted both.

According to the Message Tracking in ESM, the same messages are repeating continuously.
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Have you looked in the headers of the email itself?

You should be able to work out where the duplication is taking place by comparing the headers and looking for the point at which they start to differ.
Hi sumamer,

Are you collecting from a POP3 email account?

This is a common issue seen when collecting from a POP3 account using 3rd party software and an email is destined for several users.

The issue ocurrs as your ISP creates an email for each user, then when the Exchange system recieves the email, does the same. If this is your issue, you should be able to filter duplicate email messages using you POP3 collector.

Good Luck,

sumamerAuthor Commented:
I have printed off the headers of the last six messages of the same name and message ID.  The only differences between them is the arrival time.  (X-OriginalArrivalTime and it's derivatives.)

We host our own email server and we are collecting the email via SMTP.

My understanding is that the message ID is generated from Exchange.  Exchange appears to be delivering the exact same email to the users' mailboxes every 40 minutes or so - and it is only emails received from EBay.  Having said that, I feel confident that the problem is with Exchange and not the filtering PC.  If the filtering PC were duplicating the message, it seems Exchange would give the message a unique identifier.

The SMTP virtual server settings are at their default settings, with the exception of message expiration.
Are all the "Recieved: from" headers exactly the same?

The message ID is generally inserted by the sender, however if it doesn't exist it will usually get added by a mailserver somewhere along the way.

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sumamerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for clearing things up about the message ID.

Yes, the "Received: from" is exactly the same for all 6 messages.

I have killed the filtering PC during the time that a duplicate would have been created.  The message was not duplicated until I brought the filtering PC's SMTP services back online, but it did duplicate at that time.  The filtering PC is most likely my culpret here.  I'll start focusing my attention there.
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