apply CSS to input type file

cant apply CSS to a input type = file

<dt><label for="cv">Attach CV</label></dt>'."\n";      
<dd><input type="file" size="35" name="cv" class="cv_upload"></dd>

#left_content form dl dt .cv_upload
      border:1px solid #C8C8C8;
      font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
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Mark StegglesWeb DeveloperCommented:
Greetings ellandrd,

This page will help you


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ellandrdAuthor Commented:
nice google result - i just visited that site 2 mins ago...
Mark StegglesWeb DeveloperCommented:
Use inline style and it works
ellandrdAuthor Commented:
Found my answer. Thank you for commenting. My reason for your grade C is:

1) You googled for an answer - I can do this myself...
2) You have a Master certificate in CSS and should have, at least came across this issue in other questions before. Therefore should have known you can't apply CSS, CSS2 or CSS3 to a input type=file without applying serious hacks. (which I didnt want.)

If you dont agreed I'm sorry.  I have once been docked points and got a telling off before for googling... only newbies google for answers as their just after the points and dont really know the answer...and you can probably tell, i dont like wannabe "experts" like that. Its nothing personal and im not imploying your a wannabe expert...

Mark StegglesWeb DeveloperCommented:

Sorry, I thought that link might have helped you. Yes, I know anyone can search on google.

Thanks for the warning and yes I do know my subject

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