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Affordable NAS

I am currently looking for a NAS to store backup images on.  I don't need anything fancy or expensive due to the lack of budget.  Any suggestions of brands would be appreciated.  My budget is under $1000.

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I looked at the site and the product seems to be very nice.  If I get the diskless system and buy my own SATA drives is it hard to setup?
No it's really easy. The drives screw on to base plates, and then they just clip into the machine. The OS for the device is in firmware, so it doesn't take any space on your drives. The whole config is web based and pretty easy to follow.

They also have big forums on their website where people discuss which drives are compatible, and when firmware updates are made available, etc. The company seem pretty active in posting information there when it's needed too.
where did order your unit from?  I saw one with 1TB for around $1198.
Simple, use a USB hard drive. Easy, Cheap and portable.

For 1000, you could get several.

Good Luck,

if  you have   a pc with  PCI express ...
and a GIGA  network ....

take an  ARECA card  4 ports
price  350€

4disks  in  RAID 5   lets say  4*320GB  ==>  makes +- 0.9T   RAID 5
4*105€  ==> 420€

total  770€  plus PC hardware  you may have ....

ps hardware  needed  a  free pci port or PCI-e  port (faster)
and a GIGA network ...

that's  it ...

for that's the cheapest config  I ever found  .. if  you  want RAID5 or better

just for info  my  config  ==>
ARECA CARD  24 ports  ( 1400€)
24 disks 320GB ==>  105€*24   ==> 2520€   in RAID 6 =>  (12 disk  in RAID 6)  X 2
total space  +- 6T   total price ==>  3900€


ps : ARECA CARD ARE GREAT .....   love it ...
You may want to take a look at FreeNAS

Install a few hard drives into an old PC along with FreeNAS and you have a very inexpensive NAS device.
Rosen500 - sorry for the delay in replying as to where I ordered. I'm based in the UK so picked a local reseller here. I'm not sure if the prices are comparable - we tend to pay quite a lot for stuff here... But from what I understand, that price for 1Tb might be about right.

A quick look on Froogle - shows a 2x250Gb for $799 and a 3x250Gb for $859.