Need a serial port card for Dell Poweredge sc430 ... at a reasonable price.

We currently pay $100 for a card that gives us a parallel port and serial port, which meets our needs... but when we only need a serial port or two, paying $100 just seems pretty steep.  

We're looking for cards that only have serial ports (preferably 2, but 1 will be acceptable) that will work on a Dell sc430 server running windows 2000.   I would need who sells it as well as at what price.  

Thanks for your help
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As far as I know, a Dell Poweredge SC430 has ordinary PCI and PCI-X slots.  Why not try an ordinary PCI serial port card?
swiftnyAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry, i left out a huge detail, we use the PCI slots for other stuff (modems & NIC), we must use the PCI-Express slots.  

The sc430 has no PCI-X from what I see.

5 total I/O slots
3 PCI Express slots (one with x8 connector, one with x4 connector, one with x1 connector), all 2.5GHz.
2 32-bit/33MHz PCI slots 5V.
Slots can support full length or half length cards.

Newegg has one PCI-Express card that has a single port for about $70.  Call me a cheap bastard, but still seems steep for only 1 additional port.  Do I have any other reasonable choices for cards?

Sorry again to omit the important detail.

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Well, from what i can find the pci express serial cards aren't cheap, have you though of using  usb to serial adapter like this one?
I did find this one on ebay
If the usb adapter won't work for you and you dont want to buy one off ebay, another option would be to replace the pci nic with a pci-e nic( then use the pci serial card, this would be cheaper than a pci-e serial card.

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swiftnyAuthor Commented:
Using the PCI-E NIC sounds like a good idea and will save us the most cash.  Thank you
Your welcome
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