Win 2000 can't connect to Airport

Hi All,

I have a Windows 2000 server machine that I'm trying to connect via Ethernet cable to the Internet.  It's plugged in to the available ethernet port on an Airport router.  Win2K doesn't support the machine's wireless card, which is fine and not the problem.

The problem is, when I connect Win2K to the internet, the network connection fires up a 1394 connection, and then nothing happens.  I can't get online.  Stranger still, when I do the old ipconfig /all, all I get is:

Windows IP Configuration

Then the computer seems to do nothing for 5 seconds and the cursor comes back.  

I just tried the "netsh int reset..." route, there doesn't seem to be any change.  Have restarted the computer and the base station...

Does anyone have any other suggesions?  Will cross post from Mac networking site, but I suspect it's an OS problem, not a router problem..

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Here read the following post

Also make sure that the nic drivers are the proper one and that not a defective driver was installed otherwise you might get the issue that you are describing

good luck

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RaydotAuthor Commented:
Actually, those two posts were good starting places...

As best I can tell it's a Broadcom Netextreme 10/100/1000 card, and it's on one of those Gateway (ugh!) machines that came with the Fischer-Price My First OS installed on it.  So I can't get the drivers from Gateway, and I'm not sure which driver to get from Broadcom because Gateway, believe it or not, can't tell me what model Ethernet card my computer shipped with.

I installed what I thought was the right driver, and now I get this message:

"This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

I can't pull the card out and re-seat it because I'd have to take the laptop apart.  Any other ideas?
RaydotAuthor Commented:
...actually, I uninstalled the driver and reintalled it, and now it works.  It was the 2nd item in your post that got me there.

This was cross-posted to Mac Networking, if you answer the question there I'll give you those points too.
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