Forcing Proxy Settings

I have computers that have a proxy set in the IE settings however if they download Firefox or another browser they bypass the proxy server by not importing IE settings.

I can not block running executables as these computers need to be able to install applications for public use.  Once they reboot all of the installed apps are gone.

Is there a way that I can either:

   -  Prevent the installation of certian applications by specifying a blacklist


   -  Somewhere in Group Policy force any web browser to use the proxy settings.

Or another idea I have missed.
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If you have some sort of firewall you can block port 80 for all computers and only allow port 80 for the proxy server. That would force all users to use the proxy server reguardless of browser.
There is a registry key that you should be able to prevent apps from running...This is a sample from one of our images...Just include it to the default profile, so when a user logs on it follows them..

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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Hi Knance

Group Policy Software Restrictions
Computer Configuration - Windows Settings - Security Settings - Software Restrictions

KnanceAuthor Commented:

That policy prevents all software from running, is there a way to only block certian applications from running?
On that reg value I posted, you use the values 1, 2 3 etc, and specify the executable name...and only the exectuables that you want to block.
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