NX Server access to Red Hat - "Command not Found" in Terminal on many system commands

NX Server is a great improvement over VNC but many system commands in Terminal give the message "Command not Found" when connected remotely.
Such as 'ifconfig' or 'shutdown"

NX Server will not let you connect as Root, but after changing to Root after the initial login, the commands are still not found.

I don't know much about Linux, so if this is a path issue or something like that please explain for a new user.

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Hi swbruce21,

> but after changing to Root after the initial login, the commands are
> still not found.
Insead of "su", use "su -" for accessing root shell. This will get you root's environment as well (PATH variable value is what you need to find the commands)

These commands are typically stored in sbin directories ... you can also execute them by specifying complete path e.g. /sbin/ifconfig.
Former method is obviously less cumbersome.

Kelly BlackSenior Linux / DBA / DEVOPSCommented:
Can you provide some more information such as the release of Linux you are using, and what NX server details you have?

cat /etc/*release*
cat /etc/redhat-release (I think)

uname -ar

When logged in as a user on NX then when you sudo to super user, make sure you use a "-" dash at the end....

su -


~K Black
sunnycode is spot on.

If you really do want to run commands like ifconfig as a non-root user, add /sbin to your path (in your ~/.bash_profile)

export PATH=$PATH:/sbin

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