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Software to Sync folders between 2 Servers


I have 2 Servers setup connect thru a Tunnel. I need to sync folders between location because they edit files at both locations and need to update at the other location.

I used DFS but there was too many issues with it.

I would like to know if there is any 3rd party software to do this... I've talked to many people about it and all have said use a 3rd party software it works better. The software they have is just way too expensive so I need some suggestions.


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I think the problem you will keep running into is that these solutions go by the time stamp when it comes to synchronizing. so if the file has been modified at 1:00pm at site A and 2:00pm at site B, in the simplest of solutions, the file at site A will be overwritten. (yes I know the time stamp isn't accurate for alot of the solutions, most use a system similiar to how remote DC's synchronize, but AD synching goes much deeper than file synch software can, so it might as well be the time stamp) There is software out there that can tell that both files have been altered since last synch, including, supposedly, DFS.

When this happens, you can save both copies and synch them yourself, or trust a piece of software running on a couple of Microsoft servers to merge them correctly every time. I personally wouldn't trust priceless company data to software like this, at least not when dealing with files that get changed at multiple locations regularly. It might be fine for the employee handbook share, or the like, but I just wouldn't even try it on files that were heavily edited.

Is the link between the servers extremely slow? why not just share the folder and have the appropriate people map to it?

Maybe there is a reliable software solution out there that could handle this effectively, but I probably wouldn't even have tried it unless my servers were connected through a 28baud modem or the equivelant bandwidth was being used up. Or maybe you have a unique situation that requires you do this, maybe a little more info? what where your problems with DFS?
Availl seems downright cocky in their confidence, I actually downloaded the demo and plan to try and "call their bluff", if I can.

Have you used any of these Tim?
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This one seems to be good... I like their web page very helpful. I'm trying it now.. very easy to use and setup. Just confused about how to setup where someone deletes a file it doesn't restore it back from the other location...

Morning All,

I work for a consultancy dealing with the larger SME (25-250) so have used all of them at sometime and each have there place
1.Availl is good bit tricky to setup
2.viceversa is good but has limitations as listed above just remember to put the change folder in place on a different drive

3.There is another one that is very good but was to expensive for our target marget used by Shell will look it up if people are interested

There are also traffic shapers with this builtin store whole folders like dfs but if the link goes down the remote site can still access the folders and when back online will sync (company packeteer brought,steelhead,etc)

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Tim that ViceVersa Pro works perfect. Very easy to setup and run... Only problem I found is if you install the service the VVLaucher doesn't work, but I contacted support and they told me what I needed to do.

Thanks for the lead.