how to assign goto next frame action with a space bar press

Within a movie clip I've made some stop markers. At these points I'd like the space bar to make the timeline move to the next frame and initiate a new animation. It sounds easy but for some reason nothing seems to work, thanks in advance
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MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
keyListener.onKeyDown = function() {
    if (Key.isDown(Key.SPACE)) {

                                 trace('space was pressed'); //or whatever code you want
            myMovie.gotoAndPlay(nextFrame);   //or whatever code you want


sousflaiAuthor Commented:
I want to control timelines within movie clips, should I use this code on the main timeline or in the frame that I want it to be active. I should explain more. I have stop actions through various movie clips which I want the keppress of space to advance to the next frame. The problem is that at the final stop in a movie clip I want space to tell the main timeline to advance to the next frame where a new movie clip is waiting. Would your code assign the space bar a global function? or would it only affect the frame in which it is written in which case I can manualy change the result of the press?

many thanks Steve
sousflaiAuthor Commented:
I've tried using the code inside the movie clips timeline so that it knows not to disrupt the main timeline but unfortunatly it doesnt work

any ideas?
sousflaiAuthor Commented:
this code works

.on (keyPress "<SPACE>") {nextFrame();


but only on the main stage and not in movie clips otherwise it would solve my problem
if you are in a movieclip, just do it this way:

.on (keyPress "<SPACE>") {

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