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Why doesn't Outlook automatically "connect" when Exchange is back online?

Occasionally, I have to reboot my exchange server either during working hours or after hours.  Even during after hours, I find that many users simply "lock" their desktops but they leave Outlook running.  The problem is that when I occasionally have to reboot the exchange server for a few minutes, Outlook automatically goes into a "work offline" mode.  Thats not really a problem, but it's when the exchange server comes back up that many outlook sessions continue to stay in the work offline mode.  Why doesn't Outlook simply have some sort of connection retry every few minutes or so?  I can understand if a user manually sets their Outlook to work offline it should stay that way until they manually reconnect, but if it automatically goes to work offline because the server is not reachable, why do users manaually have to reconnect?  Additionally, it doesn't seem like this behavior is consistent.  Some Outlook session automatically get "connected" again once the exchange server is back up, while others do not.

I have sent office wide email's to users telling them how to manually reconnect their outlook but, most users don't even know they can click on the "Connected" or "Work Offline" status message in the bottom right of the outlook window and control their connection state.

By the way, we use Outlook 2003 and Exchange Server 2003.
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Ah, I am guessing it will fix the problem, however a majority of the users need to used cached mode (they have laptops).  I guess it's just a result of using cached mode.