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Remote VPN client connects but cannot access other sites/subnets.

I am trying to allow a remote VPN client access to another site.  The problems is that the dialup VPN user can connect to Site 1 and access any IP on that subnet, but cannot access Site 2.  

Each site has a subnet,, and so on.  Dialup VPN clients are issued an IP from IPPOOL which is

I can get remote client to access Site 2 if I change the IPPOOL to use same subnet as Site 1, which is not recommended by Juniper, and then does not allow access to Site 1, even though it is connected to its dialup VPN.    

I have policies to tunnel all traffic between sites, and when directly connected at either site, you can access any subnet/site.

I have tried creating a policy to specifically permit (also tried tunnel) the dialup IP range to Site 2 to no avail.

Any ideas?

Site 1:
Juniper Netscreen-25 (ScreenO/S 4) with established tunnel to Site 2. local
static public IP
IPPOOL for dialup VPN users:

Site 2:
Juniper Netscreen-5XP (ScreenO/S 3) with established tunnel to Site 1. local
static public IP
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Thanks, tim.  I will give that a try after-hours.