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How to close a 2nd window and have it update the 1st window

I am developing an app in Visual Web Developer 2005 Express. I have a page I'll call the Main page. On this page I have put a control. The first menu item has its NavigateUrl field set to ~/AddRide.aspx. I click on this menu item to bring up a second window where the user can enter data to add a new record to the database with the Submit button. When the user clicks the Submit button I want AddRide.aspx to close and then the Main page to update with the new record. In VS2003 I did this with

       Response.Write("<Script> window.opener.location=window.opener.location; window.close(); </script >")

in the CodeBehind file. It doesn't work in Visual Web Developer 2005 Express. I think it's because of the way I'm opening the AddRide.aspx window. In VS 2003 I opened that window with:

       Dim strPop As String
        strPop = "<script language='javascript'>'AddRide.aspx','Add_Ride','height=400, width=600, left=100, top=100');</script>"
        Page.RegisterStartupScript("Pop", strPop)

In Visual Web Developer 2005 Express I'm opening the AddRide.aspx window with the control. So my question is if I open the window with the control how can I close it and update the Main page.

Thanks for any help you can provide in my learning experience.
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try adding in AddRide.aspx, onunload(in body tag) this: window.opener.location=window.opener.location;
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aki4u, that doesn't work. I'm trying it like this in the AddRide.aspx page:

<body onunload this: window.opener.location=window.opener.location; >

What I want to happen is when I click on the Submit button on AddRide.aspx I want AddRide.aspx to close and the Main page to update.
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I found the answer right here in Experts-Exchange. This seems to work fine in the code behind file:

Response.Write("<script language=""JavaScript"">window.opener.location.reload();</script>")
Response.Write("<script language=""JavaScript"">window.setTimeout('window.close()',10);</script>")
is needs to be like this:
<body onunload="window.opener.location=window.opener.location;">
on submit button click write this code

string closeScript = "window.close();var xWin=window.dialogArguments; xWin.location.replace(xWin.location);";
if (!this.Page.ClientScript.IsClientScriptBlockRegistered("CloseScript"))
      this.Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), "CloseScript", closeScript, true);
Solution provided!!!
What is wrong with the solution provided?
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Actually it is a PAQ refund because the Asker posted the solution and it is not related to the suggestions before it.

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