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explorer.exe hanging up constantly

I have an HP DL385 running Server 2003 Enterprise R2, and it was hung up today when I came in.  The first time it hung and I rebooted I had to enter safe mode and run chkdsk 3 times on all the volumes, and disable all my app services to get it to boot. I can bring it back for 1-2 minutes if I end explorer.exe, then restart it from task manager, but it never actually kills the process. I am now able to restart it and it will come right up, but the explorer is still crashing.
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i would be checking for malware first and download hijack this....

I would also run sfc /scannow and replace and corrupt files
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I was able to resolve this, it turned out that one of the hard drives was bad, and it was causing all the issues.
good to know my friend
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