Script help. Is it possible to login as a user from a script?

I've got a script that runs when a user logs in (Login=modem, which executes script modem which restarts PPP), is it possible in that script after it restarts the PPP to actually login as another user?  Basically, the user has to log out and log back in as 'modem' and then log back into their account, I'd like for them to only have to log out of their account and log in as modem which will restart the modem and log them back in to their own account.
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gofferAuthor Commented:
Also, is there a way in a script to run certain commands as root, but run other commands without root permissions.  I've got some other scripts and programs that root can't run (part of a POS), but I need root permissions to restart the PPP.  
What you should do is use sudo to control access to various privileged commands that you want specified users to run.

In this instance, you should give sudo permissions for the user to run the modem script to restart PPP, so that they don't have to login as another user.

To set this up, as the root user, type in


and add the following entry:

user ALL=/path/to/modem-script

Where 'user' is the user name you want to run the modem script.  It also assumes that the modem script needs to be run as root.  If this is not the case, then specify the user like

user ALL=(modem) /path/to/modem-script

Then the user simply types in

sudo /path/to/modem-script

or it needs to run as a non-root user

sudo -u modem /oath/to/modem-script

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gofferAuthor Commented:
Do I need to add both the user ALL=/path/to/modem-script AND user ALL=(modem) /path/to/modem-script?  Or is the second if I only want user modem to be able to use sudo /path/to/modem-script?
You have one or the other.

If the modem-script needs to run a a non-root user, say 'modem', then use the second configuration.
gofferAuthor Commented:
Works great, thank you.
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