ActiveSync does not sync Calendar with Exchange

Everything was fine, till noon. Then, I have a empty calendar on my T-Mobile MDA and a full one on my server. All appointments are there and can be accessed via Outlook, OWA and OMA.

Have read about others with same/similar problems, but no slution.

Exchange is SP2 over SBS 2003 SP1 and the SmartPhone MDS with the latest software build.

Any ideas?
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"SmartPhone MDS with the latest software build"

Can you confirm that it has AKU 2.3 (MSFP)??
phermiAuthor Commented:
Sorry, SmartPhone MDA, T-Mobile MDA.

Rom Version WWE Date 6/7/06.


OS Windoes Mobile 5.0 (OS 5.1.195 (Build 14955.2.3.0))
You would have to contact T-Mobile and see if they released the AKU2.3 ROM with the Push update
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phermiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. As I said, everything worked for a week and stopped at noon ... weird
phermiAuthor Commented:

I just hard reset the MDA, re-applied the Software Upgrade and re-set my Exchange Server cert & settings. Still the calendar is the only thing that does not get PUSHED/PULLED from the server. Therefore, I do not beleive it is related to a ROM/OS upgrade. See the tests below.

An appointment created at the device is sync TO the server at creation but not if you change it. If I change it in Outlook, it does not get updated back on the MDA.

                   Changed in            
            Outlook/PC           Device      
      Contacts      OK in MDA         OK in Outlook      
      Calendar      FAILS         OK in Outlook      An appointment task created in MDA shows up
      E-mail      OK in MDA         OK in Outlook      in Outlook. If changed on MDA, does not update Outlook
      Tasks      OK in MDA         OK in Outlook      
      Notes      OK in MDA         Ok in Desktop      
      Favorites      OK in MDA         Ok in Desktop      
      Files      OK in MDA         Ok in Desktop      

At all times, changes in Outlook triggered an over-the-air sync to the MDA and changes in the MDS
triggered and ActiveSync sync on the MDA
did you contact T-Mobile and see if they released the AKU2.3 ROM with the Push update for your device

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phermiAuthor Commented:

Please forgive my ignorance but how it can be ROM related and it worked for a week and suddenly stopped? How it can be that is ROM related and everyhitng else gets sync?

phermiAuthor Commented:

I did contact them and AKU 2.3 ROM is their WWE, which I have installed.
phermiAuthor Commented:
Here it comes the solution ....

I did that and everything worked.

I am giving you credit for your help.

Hope to be in touch in the future.

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