Entourage 2004 dual diplay new/reply email in second monitor?


I have Entourage 2004 running on my MacPro. Im running dual displays in DVI-D. When i click new e-mail i would like it to be displayed on the second monitor and same with reply. The main program will open in the monitor of my choice once i close it in the second monitor, but not new/reply e-mails.

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domonusAuthor Commented:
Any help would be great! Even a nope not possible Microsoft hates Apple would even be somewhat acceptable.
Any windows opened up from Entourage (new message, existing message) will open up on the same monitor as the main program window, I don't believe there is any way to change that, it's based on the active window.
domonusAuthor Commented:
Is there a way to make OSX use both my monitors as a single display with an extended resolution? Instead of using monitor 1 and monitor 2, could i just have monitor 1 extend accross both displays?

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Sure, from System Preferences, choose Displays and click on Arrangement. When two monitors are present you should be able to select which monitor you want the Menu bar to appear on by dragging it to the monitor of your choice, that's where you'll see all your menu bars, your hard drive and trash icons, etc. Make sure the Mirror Displays check box is unchecked, otherwise you will get the same image on both monitors. Which ever monitor the menu bar icon is on will be your main monitor. But, with Entourage, since you can drag the entire application window around, which ever monitor the main application window is in will be where messages will open up in... make sense... ?
domonusAuthor Commented:
I understand that just fine, that’s how I have it setup. However im under the impression that its maintaining two Separate resolutions for each monitor 1600x1200. Could I use a resolution like 1600x2400 so that there is no distinction between one or the other monitor. In essence one continues desktop.
Well, each monitor has it's own resolution setting 1600x1200 for one and possibly 1024x768 for the other if you want, depending on what resolution each monitor can handle or which resolution you like the best for each monitor. If you have both monitors arranged side-by-side in the Displays control panel with the Menu bar on the Left panel then essentially you do have one continous desktop, you should be able to drag a window from one monitor to the next and even have it half on one and half on another etc. You would want to maintain to separate resolutions, depending upon the size of the monitors and the resolutions they can handle. And, you might want one with a higher resolution than the other for appearance, etc.

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