Remote Desktop 'connecting to ...' slow.


I am having a werid problem. When I try to connect from my workstation to our terminal server the 'connecting to server' box appears and it is very slow to make a connection and bring up the username and password session screen. The werid thing about this issue is that if you click the cancel button for the 'connecting' dialog box, the connect does not cancel but goes straight into the session very quickly.

This was never a problem until recently. I am now finding myself clicking on my RDP icon for the server and then pressing the cancel button which in turn opens the session window and it connects very fast. You would think the cancel button would terminate the whole connection process and toss me back to my workstation desktop.  Very strange....

Can anyone tell me if this can be corrected? Its just an annoying little problem.....

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sounds kind of like dodgy DNS....can you run dcdiag /test:DNS

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amerretzAuthor Commented:
Looks like it had something to do with our WINS server. I had each workstation's TCP / IP , WINS setting to point to our servers address. I have remove this ip address from each workstations list and it seems to be fine now.

Now, Im just wondering why this happen all of a sudden? I noticed when refreshing the WINS active registrations that some entries had 'released' as their status. Would this be the reason for the slow resolution. We are using DNS but it is not AD integrated, and the server is not a DC, so static entries have been entered for each workstation.
hmm you should really make that server load AD integrated zones, i am not sure, but maybe there was conlficting records
amerretzAuthor Commented:
As only 5 please login to the server, I have decided not to make the server a DC. I understand that the server needs to be a domain controller for AD integreted zones to be used. Just trying to keep this setup as simple as possible. Is there another way?

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