PCI Card Types


have installed a new Dell Poweredge 2950, but on ordering i did not include a PCI riser card. After noticing my error i contacted dell and they quickley dispatched said riser card. Unfortunatley the PCI card (Adaptec 2944w) does not fit it.I have a newer Adaptec Card (39160) that fits ok but that has an extra slot in the connector bus. have i made another error? Are there several types of PCI cards?

Hope you can help

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for info about the  PCI busses

check computer busses ...

there are links ...

hope this helps  ....

martin2123Author Commented:
thanks for the link, do you have any suggestions if there is any way of the new 64-bit slot being backward compatible with an older 32 bit card or if there any adaptors ?

Yes there are several different types of SCSI connectors. 50 pin, 68pin, high density, very high density, just to name a few. What is the device that is needing to connect to the SCSI card? That information would help match up what is needed to get it working.
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I know that  64Bit cards are  backwards compatible with  32 bit  SLOTS ....

to  be honest, I'm not sure about 32bit cards in  64 bit SLOTS
but  normaly  I  think  yes .....

Make  sure  the Voltage is correct ...
5V and  3.3V  ( correct me If Im' wrong ...)

martin2123Author Commented:
The device is a Dell powervault 130t tape library.

The problem is that the old card is missing a locatation slot that is in the newer pci-x. so it will not insert. hence the question if an adaptor excists or even a different SCsi card that will support the 130t that has differential.
I experiance something very similar to what you are going through. To my knowledge there are not any adaptors to make a 32 bit PCI fit the 64 bit PCI. But, the 39160 card will run the PV 130t. Just to verify the SCSI connectors on the 39160 and the powervault are different. The 39160 has the very high density 68 pin connector and the PV130 has the high density 68 ping connector. All you need is to purchase a converter cable.


68-pin VHDCI/Male to 68-pin High Density/Male

Double check the connections to ensure that they will match up. As long as they do you should be set.

I am using that cable with a 39160 and a powervault 110t and everything works fine.

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