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PCI Card Types


have installed a new Dell Poweredge 2950, but on ordering i did not include a PCI riser card. After noticing my error i contacted dell and they quickley dispatched said riser card. Unfortunatley the PCI card (Adaptec 2944w) does not fit it.I have a newer Adaptec Card (39160) that fits ok but that has an extra slot in the connector bus. have i made another error? Are there several types of PCI cards?

Hope you can help

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for info about the  PCI busses
check computer busses ...

there are links ...

hope this helps  ....

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thanks for the link, do you have any suggestions if there is any way of the new 64-bit slot being backward compatible with an older 32 bit card or if there any adaptors ?

Yes there are several different types of SCSI connectors. 50 pin, 68pin, high density, very high density, just to name a few. What is the device that is needing to connect to the SCSI card? That information would help match up what is needed to get it working.
I know that  64Bit cards are  backwards compatible with  32 bit  SLOTS ....

to  be honest, I'm not sure about 32bit cards in  64 bit SLOTS
but  normaly  I  think  yes .....

Make  sure  the Voltage is correct ...
5V and  3.3V  ( correct me If Im' wrong ...)

The device is a Dell powervault 130t tape library.

The problem is that the old card is missing a locatation slot that is in the newer pci-x. so it will not insert. hence the question if an adaptor excists or even a different SCsi card that will support the 130t that has differential.
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