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I have a few CDs from a customer (about 20) each cd has a different category of a set of files, except 1 cd which is a kind of an update and has a few files from each category.
what's the best way to list / compare the contents of the 1 compilation cd with the rest to make sure none of the work is duplicated?
the server has 1 CD-Rom, runs windows and has cygwin (bash)
I was thinking maybe using bash to output a list of all the files to a txt file and then comparing those, but how would I compare them?
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I'm a Windows guy and the technique you describe is probably the best.  From the command prompt of Windows and given that your CD drive is D: enter

DIR D:\ /ON /B /S>CD01.txt
DIR D:\ /ON /B /S>CD02.txt
DIR D:\ /ON /B /S>CD03.txt

for each disk (note the numbered file names).  The arg /ON means "Ordered by Name", /B is Brief showing no headers or footers, and /S does all Subdirectories.

Then use a file comparison tool (such as WinDiff to check the differences.  However, this will only do the baseline and another file, not all 20.

To do all 20 at once, I'd import the files into spreadsheet columns and align the files by hand.  Ugly but effective.

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steviedeehookAuthor Commented:
Thanks man.
I actually found a program that searched for duplicate files on, I had to copy the contense of the 1st CD to the HDD, but then I could just put in 1 CD at a time and search for duplicate names.
I was kinda excited about getting to do some interesting geeky command based stuff but it turned out to be quite easy.
Thanks again ... I am definately downloadin windiff to keep in my arsenal.
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