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Listview sorting issue

   I have got a form, that displays a list of categories, These categorise are sorted by a priority number, I have a two buttons up and down so, when I click on category from listview, by pressing ip/down I can move them up list and adjust priority.  The issue I am having is explained below:

I am populating a listview using an SqlDataReader. When loading the information from the database I am using a sort by ‘column’ in the SQL statement. (The column being an integer column).  However when the information gets loaded into the listview the information is not displayed the way I would wish.

The best way of describing it is using the following example of results….

Actual Output                Output Desired
1                                  1
10                                 2
11                                 3
12                                 4
2                                  5
3                                  6
4                                  7
5                                  8
6                                  9
7                                  10
8                                  11
9                                  12

Any help to get the output looking like the second column would be greatly appreciated,
The statement works fin when i run it using sql server or other windows controll i.e datagrid.

Hope someone can help,

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