Forms and Reports Migration

We have an Oracle 9i database. Our application is on Forms6i/ Reports 6i and runs on client-server mode.  Now we want to make the application web-enabled.  

Can anyone tell us what we need to do ?  Pointers to reference material for this will be most welcome.
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Have you looked at this -

Upgrading Oracle Forms to the Web - A Roadmap

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You can deploy your 6i Forms/reports applications itself on web by using Oracle Forms Server deployed on a Oracle App server along with Jinit.
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Use Oracle Forms and Reports Services

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Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
As an addition to the previous posts: we have migrated our application from Forms6i/Reports6i client/server to the 10g Web successfully with use of Forms Migration Assistant.
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      You said you had done Oracle forms migration from 6i to 10g.I am not an Oracle Forms expert.Let me clear one thing.I found a lot of oboslete features in Oracle 10g which doesn't have any replacement or migration path.In these case i suppose we have to write code explicitly/manually.

So can you say whats the percentage of manual work you had done as a part of your migration like 10 per 100 lines of code like that.This information is for an R&D purpose,the pre-stage of migration.

Your help is appreciated

With Regards
Dileep Pattayath
Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
Forms Migration Assistant replaces some obsolete functions like RUN_PRODUCT with code and objects so there is nothing to do.
If there are some text outputs (text_io) then it has to be replaced manually with WEBUTIL components (e.g. text_io. with CLIENT_TEXT_IO.  ...).
In my case the manual work was at about 20%.
If you are using Oracle Reports and the Reports parameter form to gather information, you will have additional issues. PITSS.con has a solution for this ( For the most part the tool will take care of the 20% that was missing in this specific situation. Usually it's more like 50% is uncharted.

For instance, Migration Assistant just comments out statements like DISABLE_ITEM and ENABLE_ITEM or the MOUSE events that are no longer supported. Check out this document for a larger lists of things that Migration Assistant is lacking on.
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