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Controlling access to HP2840

Hello EE.  I am tasked with setting up an HP 2840 Colour Laserjet printer on network of 20 users.  The Manager wants me to restrict printing to black for all users except 2.  I have setup up the printer via the network port.  Do you know of any way to configure the printer to restrict printing to only black.
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You don't say what workstation OS or netork OS you are using but I'll assume it's Windows XP and at least Windows Server 2000. Also I assume the printer is set upwith a printer queue on a server and that you are not doing IP printing. Let me know if things are different.

For Server 2000 and XP:

You should be able to set the Printer default to Grayscale. Then set  the two users that you want to be able to print in color up with permission to Manage the printer. By doing this anyone that prints to this printer will print in Black /White. The two users you set the permissions for will need to change the Color Setting to Color in their own Printing Preferences on their workstations. If they mainly want to print in black/white and occasionally print in color then they can stay with the default  settings and then when they want to print color they will need to change the setting to color for that document or print jobs.
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sorry, my bad.  Here is the deal.  The network has a linux server for file sharing, backups and proxy
 No windows server.  So all the pcs just pick up the printer via ip. So that is my problem.  
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hey dragon-it you're a star!  problem solved!

No problem, thanks for the answer.